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Our story

In 2008 we bought our dream home in France
It took 6 months for us to move out of our caravan & actually start to live in the house and another 6 months to finish the little pieces.
Its hard work and the rose tinted spectacles were changing colour day by day for sure,but we did it and we now look back with fond memories.
I was then approached by several neighbours from different villages who had been watching us over the year, convert the wreck into a habitable place on a very tight budget. I then worked for and alongside  several of them. I am not a professional builder and do not profess to be, everything I have learnt has been through experience gained on my property and others worked on throughout my life and also with my original plastering skills from the early days.
And I myself know there is nothing worse than working on your own all day and night,you do start to get a little demotivated and wonder If the light will ever arrive at the end of the tunnel.Believe me it does and it`s a fantastic feeling.

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